Saturday, April 01, 2023

It does just that

This weekend is a very special one,
It's General Conference!
Since we're on Eastern time, the first conference session began at noon.
So, Gigs had time to take Lottie on a birthday date to Target and 
grab lunch; they came home just in time for the first session to start.
Sadly Gigs had to leave for work but was able to watch the first hour.
We watched the first session in the kitchen while making and eating
breakfast burritos for lunch.

Then we moved into the living room for the second session while Lottie
and I dyed over 200 coffee filters in the dye for our Easter centerpiece next week.
Lottie also pained wooden eggs and colored in her new coloring book.

After the second session, we went on a motorcycle ride to see the cows.
They're doing lovely.
No babies yet.
It was such a lovely day!
Lottie climbed trees while Christian and I swang on the porch swing outside until
we decided to grab dinner before session three started up again.

We enjoyed the third session in the living room on the couch.
These were such good meetings! 
Wow, in the first three talks, Christian and I received
answers to questions we had gone into the conference hoping to get.
We both looked at each other in shock, but we were not that shocked
because we know this happens; in fact, the purpose of these conferences 
Is just that! 
To get answers to our questions, guide us to truth,
help us feel loved and His light, and lift our spirits.

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