Friday, April 13, 2012

Introducing: My baby.

Just because today is Friday the 13th doesn't mean we should all be weary.
Let me set your mind at ease with photos of my newest daughter:

Presenting, I give you, introducing, an honor to share
 (and so on and so forth)...

Miss Charlotte Christiansdatter Nielson
Born Tuesday, April 3rd, 12:53 pm
Weighing 6 pounds 12 ounces and 19 inches long.

{Seconds born, Dr. Judd shows off my beauty}

It was such a beautiful birth.
Mr. Nielson was by my side, his big brown eyes filled with tears.
I had some of the most incredible doctors and nurses, including,
Dr. J, who was on hand (with his camera) to help bring her safely to me.
Thank you, thank you!

After she was born and swaddled in my arms I
thanked God for this beautiful gift.
This glorious miracle!
The tears haven't stopped since we graced us 10 days ago.

Could this really be happening to me?
Do I deserve this?

This beautiful PERFECT gorgeous baby was mine.
There was a stark contrast; my burned arms holding this perfect baby
with perfect skin, just minutes old.

{Dr. J and the Nielson children}
I looked at my body lying in this hospital bed, and for
once with pride and without pain.
This was all so much better
than the other hospital visits; I can't even put words to it.
Charlotte's birth was such a testimony that my body is incredible!
And regardless of my inabilities, problems, and scars,
 it carried a beautiful baby full-term.
It stretched and made a home for her, then delivered her 
perfectly to a very excited family!
Just another reminder that God not only exists but LOVES me so much.

Sibling love:





{Jane and Claire showing off Lottie's classic newborn faces}

Happy Weekend!

Spiritual Enlightenment here.
{one of my very favorite talks of ALL TIME}

***Wondering where Charlotte's middle name
Christiansdatter comes from? Stay tuned.
Obviously, we are proud Danes***

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