Friday, April 07, 2023

Relentless Rain

 In the early evening, while I was planting my hellebores,
the afternoon sky turned dark, and the 
clouds gathered together, making everything look angry.
 Lottie was on the porch setting up her new birthday Miraculous dollhouse
with Angus close by.
Christian was out in the field with his cows (waiting on baby calfs any day!!).
Then it hit... a bright light. A loud boom was followed by a relentless downpour.
The rain didn't start soft, then progressively get harder; no,
this rain just dumped all at once.
Lottie and I watched Christian sprint from the pasture 
to the porch then we all sat on the swings
admiring the sound, the smells of this amazing spring rainstorm,
 and how much we love Stillestead, nestled quietly in the country.
A great way to welcome the weekend!
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