Saturday, April 08, 2023

Ya think?

Tonight after scripture study and family prayer, we went to Gigs's room
to check out his new batch of cockroaches (I know, gross!).
Christian sat down near the critter area.
He examined his many terrariums filled with poisonous scorpions, tarantulas,
and other weird things, including his Ball python snake, Candace.
Christian calmly said,
"Umm, Gigs, Candace isn't in her cage."
We all stood in silence.
"What?" I asked, a little freaked out.
No one moved.
Then Christian added, "But I know where she is."
I looked above him on the shelf, and there she was, 
sprawled out above her cage looking at all of us like a creeper.
I hate to admit it, but I screamed.
"Oh, ya," Gigs said, walking over to the cage
"I need to fix that."
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