Wednesday, March 08, 2023

Millions of Pieces.

 This morning before Ollie began MTC day #10, I told him
for his lunch break, we'd go grab a sandwich.
It helped him push through all those Zoom lessons.
Whew, that's a lot of screen time!
At 1:45, he came down ready for lunch (ditching his class 15 minutes early
so we'd have enough time).
Before we left, I knocked on Christian's office door (aka: our bedroom) to
see, he could steal away for an hour or so.
He enthusiastically agreed, even though I know he is stressed and busy with work.  He knows these remaining days with Ollie
are precious and disappearing.
Then we decided to go pick Lottie up from school a little early
so she, too, could spend this time with Ollie.
Having lunch together was WAY more important than anything she'd
be doing at school (and I stick by that statement!!!).
Later Christian and I took Ollie to serve in the temple one last time
before he leaves for two years on his mission.
I felt so emotional beginning the second we got into the car for
the 30-minute car ride to the temple, I could barely talk.
I mostly stared out the window as tears rolled down my cheeks.
The moon was brilliant and bright tonight.
I feel like the whole night, my heart was going to 
shatter into millions of pieces.

Hang in there, mama!

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