Thursday, March 09, 2023

Slurping Mamas

This morning I fed the cows their "treats."
They are all pregnant mamas and need extra love.
I CAN'T WAIT for more babies to arrive!
Well, this one is similar.
Could you fall asleep listening to this?

I hung out with Ollie on his Day #11 of home MTC.
Whenever he has a break, I try to sit with him
and talk about his learning.
Then at 2:30, he drives the car, and we pick up Lottie from school 
during his two-hour lunch break, which has been really fun
these past few weeks.  He decompresses, and we laugh and talk.
Except for today, I started to feel myself get emotional again.
Then he says:
"Mom, we're not saying goodbye yet."
I can't help it!
Since he's in Zoom classes, he's wearing all his special sneakers
with his "missionary uniform" (since no one will see his feet anyway).
Today he wore his Brazil Nike Dunks.
He might miss his sneaker collection more than anything while he's gone
for those two long years.
I promised him I'd pack them all up for them.
Gigs's feet are bigger, so Ollie feels no threats and is
confident everything will look as it did when he left.
Tonight we hosted our missionaries again for dinner.
I just can't get enough of these Elders over to influence
and help Ollie prepare for his full-time service in A FEW DAYS!

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