Friday, February 24, 2023

Neo and Trinity.

Tonight Christian, Claire, Ollie, and I served in the temple for a few hours while
Lottie and Gigs went to the pet store and Target-
(their usual places while we're in the temple.
We do this plan a lot).
Then we all met up for dinner.
It's so special serving in the temple with my children.
Then back at home, Gigs started discussing the sci-fi movie, The Matrix
He hasn't seen it, and I told him he didn't need to
because his parents are Neo and Trinty.
Then I showed him a photo of me and Christian Halloween 2000:
He was like, "wow, cool, mom." 
but I knew he didn't mean it.
I was like, "Well, the picture doesn't make it look as legit as it was.
And ya, maybe Dad's wooden toy soldier gun makes the outfit look lame,
but we won the Halloween costume contest that year!"
And I TOTALLY had the same hair as Trinity.
He still didn't care.
And then I felt sooooo old.

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