Monday, October 31, 2005

Top 5 spookiest Stephanie costumes

This year we expected the goose (who lives on our neighbor's porch)
 to be wearing her pumpkin costume like she did last year.
Boy, we were surprised when we woke up to find a witch on the porch.
The girls screamed at the news,
"She's a witch, mom! She's a witch this year!!!"
Our neighbors are an elderly couple, and they don't miss a month of dressing up 
the cement goose for every holiday and every month.
I don't know what we'd do if they didn't change her up.
It would be like never flipping the calendar with each new month.
I think my girls would die.
I think I would die!

I decided that our Halloween theme this year would be "Nature."
So I made costumes for us all:
Christian-apple tree.
Claire- butterfly with green and orange wings
Jane-butterfly with pink and purple wings
Oliver-a red mushroom
And I made a nest for my head using birds, feathers, moss, and eggs.
It all turned out great.

In celebration of Halloween, I decided to make a list
 of my all-time favorite Halloween costumes (so far)
that I have worn throughout the years:

5. I really liked my next idea this year. 
(24 years)

4. Neo and Trinity from the movie Matrix. 
Which I have never even seen.
 (Christian is 22, and I am 19)

3.'Spooky Devil' in 2nd grade. 
  It came with a one-piece black out, Lucifer!
(9 years)

2. I can't find a picture of my second favorite costume.
But it was with my cousins Mike and Katie.
We were a 3-headed monster.
Katie actually sketched this costume out on the playground at recess
and then asked our neighbor, Vanessa, who is
a seamstress (she also made my wedding dress), 
to make it.
She did! It was awesome!
 (5th grade, 10 years)

1. Spider and the Web.
 Claire and I were the perfect mother-daughter match! 
(21 years, Claire 1 year)

I hope everyone has a Happy Halloween!
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