Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Halloween aftermath.

When Halloween was all said and done
 and the night came to a close we examined the damage. 

 Two colossal size bags full of treats, and a rather large bowl of leftover candy 
that we had passed out to trick-or-treaters sat on our kitchen table. 
It was so much junk I was so unsure what do with it all
so I did what any normal mother would do;
 I ate a few crunch bars (and 3 Snickers) and dumped the rest.
The night was a hit, and the girls loved wearing their butterfly 
costumes running from house to house collecting their loot!
It was the cutest thing I ever did see.
Oliver who was dressed up like a mushroom roughly made it to three houses 
before his night came to a haunting halt.
 He was out like a zombie.
It was WAY past his bedtime.

Each house we came to Claire would say to us:

“Mom and Dad we can do this, we don’t need you following us.”
Claire (of course) did all the talking on the front steps 
and people thought my kids were so dang cute which then
prompted them to become even more generous with the candy.
Pretty soon just after a few houses, the sacks were too full to carry on.
I'm glad Christian was with us.

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