Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Cement Goose

Our neighbor, Stanley (with the cement goose on his porch) 
looked a little confused this morning as the girls and I 
watched him undress her from her Halloween witch
 costume and into a Thanksgiving pilgrim costume. 
He placed a hat on top of gooses' head and stood back and examined. 
Something didn’t look right.
He placed his hand to his chin and circled goose. 
Then he snapped his fingers and called for his wife, Adele.
Adele came out on the porch and with one look you could tell she was not happy.
She threw her arms up in the air, undressed goose,
 and went back inside with Stanley following close behind.
The girls and I looked at each other.
Now what?
I went into the kitchen to clean up breakfast when Jane yelled my name.
I ran back into the living room and watched as Adele came outside with 
a different Thanksgiving costume for goose. 
Stanley assisted Adele with this momentous occasion.
Minutes later they both stepped back reveling
a darling Pocahontas with feathers and braids.
The girls and I clapped (Ollie did too, except he didn't know why).

I then realized that goose has multiple costumes for each month;
pumpkin AND witch for Halloween.
Uncle Sam AND Lady Liberty for the 4th of July.
Santa Claus AND Angel for Christmas, and now Pocahontas
AND pilgrim for Thanksgiving.
It is so fun watching her change each month and 
even more, fun sneaking over to the neighbor's house to take photos.

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