Thursday, February 23, 2023

The Plain Black T's.

 This afternoon the four of us (Christian, me, Claire, and Ollie)
went to grab lunch at a Greek restaurant.
Over pita and hummus, we talked to Claire about her boyfriend
and what her future holds.
Honestly, I'm so sad that she's having these relationships,
and experiences because I'm not around for it.
That's so selfish of me, I know!!
I am so grateful to Lindsay and Spencer for being her second parents
while we're not there.  They give us the deets and keep us up
to speed about her life.
We're headed out to Arizona next month for more filming on the
 Kilimanjaro documentary we've been working on for the past few years.
(It's finally coming out in April!!).
And we'll be so excited to meet her bf 
(who I am nicknaming "Curly" because of his luscious locks of hair). 
Meanwhile, back at Stillestead and after family scriptures and prayer,
we had arm-wresting contests.
Dear Ollie, 
I bet when you get home from your mission,
you might have a chance at beating dad.
For now, keep trying!

Dear Gigs, 
Two words for you: work out!  
May that be your summer goal!

Dear Curly, 
Thanks for the arm wrestling tips over video chat!

PS.  Today, the four of us woke up,
put on jeans and a black T-shirt.
If we were a band, we'd be called:
The Plains Black T's.

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