Saturday, February 25, 2023

11th Hour Talks

In between dusting the house this afternoon
I helped Nicholas organize his thoughts for his talk tomorrow in church.
Both boys were in the living room with me, typing away.
We had literally known about this
Sunday for MONTHS now, and of course, they wait
until Saturday afternoon to get it written.
I made bread for the Sacrament (I do this every Saturday),
and put together the flower arrangements for the pulpit.

Later in the evening, Russ and Mary flew in
 and we met them for dinner and then stopped at Krispy Kreme
to pick up six dozen donuts for the small gathering of Ollie's
friends and family after church.
We came home, and the boys played a game of chess before bed.
I'd rather die than play.
It's like math disguised as a game.
Sounds real fun!

Fun fact:
Nicholas has gone to get his haircut TWICE in the past month,
 and it always looks the exact same when he comes home.
It's an expensive baffling thing.
I'm not demanding he cut his hair; I just want it to, 
oh, I don't know, NOT BE IN HIS FACE ALL DAY!!!
So yes, I guess I do want him to cut it.
What happened to flattops?!  Those were awesome
and so wholesome!!
OHMYGOSH!  I sound so old!

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