Saturday, October 15, 2022

Vegging in Phoenix

We got to Phoenix on Thursday, checked into our hotel downtown Tempe,
and didn't leave until we HAD to, which was for:
1. meals
3. Treats/Swig/Sodalicious

 After the 4th movie in a row, I needed a Dr. Pepper really bad,
and Christian admitted he was finally hungry.
So we went out in the AZ Monsoon, 
grabbed dinner (Cafe Rio), and a drink and cookie, then
drove directly back to our room, ate in bed, then watched a few
more movies (Scary Halloween ones!).
We did this exact same thing for THREE DAYS!
(Except one night we got pizza...LGO and watched
the BYU football game!).
We're so busy  
 when we get away from our "normal activities."
etc., we crash; seriously, we want to veg out and do nothing.
Then we flew home.
Have I mentioned that I HATE FLYING?

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