Thursday, February 23, 2017

Valentines Day 2017

Valentine's Day in NYC- could there be anything more romantic?
Mr. Nielson and I had a busy day speaking and meeting with 
missionaries for most of the day; I couldn't have loved it more!
We got to our hotel late afternoon, collapsed on our hotel bed, 
and slept for hours. When we woke up, it was dark outside.
Then we watched the entire season of "Stranger Things." 
 (which I know, I know, is sooo scary and NOT romantic).  
We decided to take a break halfway through episode five to get dinner.
 We walked the streets of Manhattan, enjoying 
the sights and lovers along the way.
We decided to eat breakfast for dinner- 
(who doesn't love a good plate of french toast for dinner?), 
but I was freezing cold and didn't feel like walking any further,
 so we high-tailed it to our hotel, called room service, and ate pizza in bed.
The perfect way to end a perfect Valentine's Day

The End.

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