Friday, October 14, 2022

A Night in the Valley

 Christian and I flew to Phoenix to attend 'A Night in the Valley' gala
 that was held in a cool airplane hanger hosted by Valleywise Hospital where
Christian and I were treated for our burns.
I've attended a few of these special evenings, but this one was different; 
because at this gala, they showed the Kilimanjaro documentary trailer.
It was beautiful!  I was overwhelmed with pride and gratitude!
We sat at the table surrounded by all our fellow hikers, burn survivors, and 
their families.  It was so lovely!
I am so excited about the premiere of the documentary in March.
We'll be back for that- this time with our whole family
(actually, minus Jane and Ollie, who will be off serving their missions).
I didn't do a very good job documenting the event, but I got about
 400 selfie photos of Christian and me.
Here's a sample of a few:

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