Thursday, October 13, 2022

Pinewood Derby/ The Corgi Express.

 It's that time of year: The Pinewood Derby!
From the start, Lottie knew EXACTLY what she wanted her
car to look like, and that was exactly like her favorite dog: 
The magnificent Corgi.
Not only is Lottie obsessed with Corgis, but she's also obsessed with
fat giant plushies shaped like Corgis. 
As I type this, she has several
sitting on her bed, which occupy most of the space.
Her design was spot-on, and 
 the paint job is perfect and adorable!  
She and Christian worked on Corgi almost every day after school
for weeks, painting, sanding, designing, and weighing Corgi.
Unfortunately, Christian and I couldn't go to the race,
but Ollie and Gigs went and supported her.
They sent me lots of photos and even greased up Corgis wheels
before go-time.

She won a few heats and was overall happy with the evening!
Congrats, Lod!!

And a big thanks to the boys for stepping up and helping.
I bet she'll never forget this evening and the support she felt
from her big brothers and dad!

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