Saturday, March 12, 2022

Saturday in Mesa.

Jane, Christian, and I met with our Kilimanjaro team 
for a brisk early morning hike in the desert mountains.
It was beautiful and smelled fresh and clean!
It was so great to meet some of the other survivors 
who will be on the climb with us in June.  
After the hike, we drove downtown Mesa to grab breakfast at Proof Bread
at Jane's request. Jane has wanted to try out Proof for years!
(Jane is a connoisseur of bread).
We were not disappointed; everything was delicious!
We must have tried one of everything on the menu and sat outside
on a bench in the Spring morning sun and devoured it.
As it happened, Proof Bread was right across the street from my 
favorite antique store- a place I often frequented as a young mom
when we lived in Mesa years ago.
I bought hundreds of Christmas presents, birthday gifts, decorations,
 clothes, and jewelry throughout the years there.
Jane and I went inside, and it brought back so many fond memories
and I got a little choked up.
It reminded me of life long ago- it was such a good time (BC!).
Good thing we went inside because we found some
fantastic, fantastic treasures!!
After dinner (Cafe Rio), we went to visit
 Livvy at work (Soda Rush), and she made me the best
 Dr. Pepper coconut cream raspberry concoction I've ever had.
(And which I'll attempt to copy when I get home). 
Then to end off our long day, Lindsay and I, along with
 Lottie, Riggs, and Jane drove to Walmart to get 
ingredients for our Sunday family dinner.
As soon as we walked into the store, Riggs and Lotties disappeared
and returned with giant stuffed animals just as we were checking out.
They might get married one day, and these photos and
memories will be solid gold.

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