Friday, March 11, 2022

Late-Night Treat

 One of our goals while in Arizona was to visit all our favorite foods from
"the west."  You know, like, Cafe Rio and Swig (to only name two).
It's so nice to eat familiar delicious food, and
It's so nice that I don't have to cook anything for a week!

In the evening, we sat around Lindsay's kitchen like we usually 
do when our families are together
to do nothing more than just talk and laugh.
 And tonight, we had the privilege of watching 
 Lindsay comb out their dog, Tippy's curly hair.
There was so much hair I could knit my entire family sweaters.
Then Spencer tried on Ollie's new motorcycle helmet 
(that he brought as his carry-on?! 
I told you he was obsessed with helmets).
To finish our night, we all got in the car for a late-night treat
and checked out the newly remodeled beautiful Mesa temple.
It was such a gorgeous night to stick our heads out the car window.
And....wait, what was that?  
Yes, I DID catch a few whiffs of the orange blossoms!

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