Tuesday, July 06, 2021

Riggs and Lottie BFForeevvaaaaaaaaaa.

Yesterday I drove up to find Lottie and Riggs on his Honda 50 
 headed to Lindsay's sister's house
(who lives three houses down)
for an afternoon swim.
If I was 9 years old, riding on a motorcycle with another cute 9 year
old, I would have died and gone to heaven.
Riggs and Lottie are the cutest of friends,
and have been for their whole lives.
Now I don't know if anything will become of anything, but I've got
quite a folder on my computer full of amazing photos of the
two of them- you know, in case.

Like these from church last Sunday:

And this one from 2016 at their "wedding." 
All the older kids planned this
(and made them kiss).

Or this cutie one when the Jones's owned the Gilbert
Sweet Tooth Fairy!  (Those were good days!).

Or this one when they are four years old and they
 hid behind the temple doors to smooch:

And this one at the beach:
....and the rodeo:
Saying goodbye:

And the time they tried to be secret and hold hands
in family pictures.
(They were caught red-HANDED!):

And this cute one when they were still sucking on binkies:

Oh, and this adorable one in Spencer's lap while
 sailing on the AuroraMark in 2013

Oh, and these gems, too:

I mean, can't you just see the makings of
a fantastic wedding slideshow?!

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