Sunday, March 13, 2022

Sunday in Mesa

 We attended church with Russ and Mary this morning, which 
is the same congregation that my little family attended when we lived
in Mesa back in 2006, after we moved from New Jersey.
It's changed A LOT, obviously, but it was nice 
being back and seeing a few familiar faces.
After church, we had lunch with Russ and Mary back at home.
Russ made his famous mashed potatoes with peas, and Mary
made yummy rolls. It was nice to be back in the Nielson Home,
where many memories live! (Gigs was born there!).
We also drove to the beautiful newly remodeled Mesa Temple.
This temple is unique to me because it's where my Nana and Papa
were married in 1933.
In fact, when Nana and Papa were married, it was the first wedding 
(sealing) where four grandmothers
of both parties were present. I love that! So special!
(How I wish I had wedding photos of that day!).
(But I do have this fantastic photo from 1940something!!)

It's also where many of Christian's siblings were married.
We walked around the gorgeous temple grounds, admiring the flowers
and smelling the glorious orange blossoms.
Ollie looks like a missionary here, so, of course 
I copied & pasted a missionary tag on him.
Later in the evening, Lindsay and I made garden burgers
for our big families for dinner.
These days with the Joneses are so special to us.
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