Saturday, February 05, 2022

Graduation Celebration for Jane Bronwyn

Congratulations, Jane B, on graduating high school! 
I know having a celebration dinner a year late made you feel a little
 uncomfortable, and you must have said to me a million times
"Mom, it's just high school.  It's not that big of a deal!!!!
Don't make it a big deal!  Plus, I graduated a year ago."
But then I'd say:
"Yes, it is a big deal, and you deserve
a proper celebration no matter how late!"
I decorated the table with reds, pinks, gold, and black
with photos of Jane everywhere.
Dinner Menu:
-Salmon with herb lemon garlic butter
-Grilled asparagus and baby potatoes
-Mediterranean salad with chickpeas and feta
-Warm ciabatta bread served with hot olive oil
-10 fruit slush salad with fresh mint
-Danishes and chocolate croissants from our favorite
Scandinavian bakery
-Liquid gold hot chocolate with assorted chocolates 
and peanut butter-covered marshmallows.
Each of us gifted Jane a cookbook that reminded us of her.
At one time or another, we all have been the
happy recipients of Jane's cooking/baking.
We hope one day she'll when she's cooking, 
she'll remember the night we celebrated her graduation a year late.

Christian gave Jane the cookbook Molly on the Range.  
Appropriate for my cowboy & cowgirl.

I gave her a cookbook called: Mandy's Gourmet Salads
(I've cooked practically everything in this and LOVE it).

Claire (from Brazil) gave her Scandinavian Comfort Food 
which is a beautiful book about Hygge food at its best!

Oliver gave her a book called The Book on Pie.
This book is our pie bible!

Nicholas picked out Love and Lemons Every Day.
This is a great plant-based cookbook, Nielson style!

Lottie picked Bread on the Table because no one makes 
a better load of bread than Jane!

As per our tradition, Christian and I commissioned my brother-in-law, Andrew
to make Jane a beautiful dainty set of ruby earrings.
They are adorable.

These are fun traditions!
It's hard to believe we'll be celebrating Oliver next year!
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