Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Graduation Dinner 2020

Last Saturday, we celebrated CLAIRE
because she graduated high school!
And now she's on to bigger and better things!
And I am really excited about her future.
I have to admit I had a giant lump in my throat
 throughout the whole night, watching her across the table.
I am so excited for her and proud of her good choices,
but my heart is heavy as I think of her leaving and moving
on to her next adventure and doing it all without me.

Last night after dinner was cleaned up, and everyone in bed
 Christian and I lay quietly in the dark, 
and I let my tears flow as I expressed my motherly heartache.
My sister-in-law Megan who has gone
 through this stage, texted me and said:
"I remember having such tender feelings when Chicky (her daughter, Drew)
graduated.  I wasn't prepared to feel such a sense of loss for the
season of life when all of my kids were home.
I knew that although there were great times/seasons ahead, our little family
would never quite be the same."
That is exactly my thoughts.

Under the glow of my darling 
Bright Lab lights that I strung across the walls and
over our table, we enjoyed a 
delicious summer meal that I had cooked.

-Mr. Nielson's Grilled Salmon
-Arugula Pesto Salad with Linguine and pinenuts
-Warm Rolls 
-Fruit slush (a recipe my aunt Gwen gave me when I was 15)
-Better in 3 days Chocolate Cake

Claire loves books, and as a graduation present from our family,
each of us picked out a classic book, wrote a little note
in the front page of the book, and we each gifted them to her.

We also played a minute of "Pomp and Circumstance." 
for the full graduation effect.
And I got her to wear her graduation robe and hat, but only
for exactly three minutes because she wasn't having any of that.
 But she did wear a cute flower crown with her pink dress.

Last May, I asked my talented goldsmith brother-in-law Andrew
to make Claire a pair of gold emerald earrings. 
Her favorite gem.
And she was so excited to get them!

When I graduated from high school in 1999
 my dad gifted me with little diamond studs.
I loved them and still have them.
I think Claire's earrings are extra special because
 her uncle Andrew made them.
Anything Andrew makes is special.
Jane helped me sew four little tassels on
each corner of our black napkins.

It turned out to be an extraordinary, lovely evening
for Claire and our whole family.
It's odd to think that I'll be hosting another
graduation dinner next summer for Jane.

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