Monday, July 13, 2020

Home Church Week 17/ "The First Time"

We spent Home Church week 17 with our dear friend T and her children.
T is a Russian immigrant with five gorgeous children, and
last September, she was baptized by her 16-year-old son.
 Christian and I minister to this sweet family and love them.
We talked about the Priesthood of God and how it blesses and changes lives
and invited the Nies to share their feelings, which they did beautifully.

As a family, we discussed last week's scripture reading 
and how we want to be more deliberate in speaking of God
to others and in our everyday lives. 
It's hard in this pandemic world because, in public, our faces
are covered with masks, and it makes conversation super difficult,
especially with those we don't know.
I've learned that it's so much easier to
 bring up God, faith, peace, and love in any first conversation because
it's important to me that others know where I stand and what I believe,
(I also have a perfect conversation starter because of my scars).
 I can witness the miracles God has blessed me with in my life,
and I love to share how God's hand was (and is!) in my life.
President Oaks has said:
"To proclaim the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ
 is a fundamental principle of the Christian faith."

 I'm trying to teach this to my Nies, and I hope 
when my children talk or meet people, they, too, will 
speak of God the first time and share the gospel's good news.
Then Mr. Nielson had a church Zoom meeting:

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