Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Wonderful Days

Today I cleaned, organized, and purged.
When the quarantine began I made a list of projects
 I wanted to do especially in my laundry/pantry room
since I had an amazing amount of time on my hands.
I finally got around to it today.
Sometimes when I get serious into cleaning mode,
 I forget that I am also the mom and dinner still needs to be made,
and Jane needs to go to work, and I need to pay attention to my children.
It's so hard for me to stop.  
As a younger mom, I remember DYING to do projects around my house
and being interrupted every second by a child. 
 But, that's part of being a homemaker, and I knew it.  
It may have taken me longer to get stuff done
but I still managed to paint a wall, make a project, or fix something
in the midst of diapers, feedings, and nap times.
Those were really really wonderful days and I miss them.
But this evening I did manage to stop to check out the amazing summer
evening thunderclouds, and when the ISS flew over The White House.
Both breathtaking!

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