Thursday, July 16, 2020

A Perfect Way To End The Day

Well, I was at it again today, this time I cleaned out the garage
for the second time this year.
The last time I took on this gigantic job was in March.
It wasn't as intense this time, but it was definitely necessary.
Also, I should note that I drank two Dr. Peppers during this project
which was also definitely necessary too
since it was 110% humidity and 100 degrees outside.  
I sweated more today in the garage than I have ever in my life.

I stopped the great garage project at 3:30 so I could
 take Jane to work (cows need to be fed!).
I came home and made dinner which I then stored
 in the refrigerator until later
 in the evening when Jane was home from work,
and I was done with the garage.
It worked out perfectly.

Since my dining room table is full of Tupperwares and craft projects,
we ate dinner at the bar while watching the movie Twister. 
The first (and last) time I saw that movie was the 
summer of '96 at a drive-in theater on a date with Josh Esplin.
This was the first time the Nies have seen it. It's a classic.

Then when it cooled down Mr. Nielson took me on
 a beautiful Carolina summer's evening motorcycle drive. 
A perfect way to end the day!

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