Friday, July 17, 2020

Save me a place....

This afternoon while chatting with Lottie at the table and making 
tortilla dough for dinner (I got a tortilla press for my birthday!),
she asked me to play "Boo Hoo" by my dear friend Mindy Gledhill.
It's one of Lottie's favorite songs.  
(We heard it about 500 times just yesterday).
Then I played one of my very favorite Mindy songs called 
 "Old Willow Lane".
Old Willow Lane is one of the most magical spots in Provo,
(I even mention it in my book
it has been a part of my life forever.

As a young girl, I'd go there to play in the apricot trees, pick the
wild grapes, and ride bikes in the irrigation ditches with cousins and siblings.
It was also one of the best places to walk on spooky Halloween nights
because there were no street lights, and it was so dark.
And in the winter, we'd sled on the pathways down from the foothills above.
Christian and I built Fox Hill right below Old Willow Lane, and
the Little Nies would walk on the dirt road to go
to school, pick the wild fruit along the pathway,
or visit their best friends who lived at the end of Old Willow Lane.
For some reason, today, I was overcome with emotions
as I listened to Mindy sing about one of my very favorite places, 
and reminding me of all the beautiful memories I've had.
(I think Mindy wrote this song for me since I am 
so far away from Old Willow Lane).
"Sweet honey bees
A lavender breeze
Children that swing by their knees from the boughs of the mulberry trees
Purple stained lips
Singing a summertime song
Stealing a kiss
While shadows grow, lazy and long
On Old Willow Lane
The autumn leaves blow
In October's glow
And before we know it, we're turning the page 
to a chapter of glittering snow
The seasons they change
And it's never the same when you have to go
Time waxes and wanes
But we're saving your place at the table
On Old Willow Lane
The seasons they change
And its never the same when you have to go
Time waxes and wanes
But we're saving your place at the table
On Old Willow Lane."
Even though I live far away, I'll always have a place, Old Willow Lane!

(And remember in 2011 when The Nies and I were
* * * * *
Spiritual Enlightenment: An Especially Noble Calling
"The Lord loves effort, and effort brings rewards. 
We keep practicing. We are always progressing as long as we
 are striving to follow the Lord. He doesn't expect perfection today. 
We keep climbing our personal Mount Sinai. 
As in times past, our journey does indeed take effort, 
hard work, and study, but our commitment to progress brings eternal rewards."

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