Friday, February 04, 2022

Better late than never....

Last January 2021, Jane graduated High School!
Yay, Jane!
She worked on the dairy farm until Claire left on her mission in March,
then flew to Arizona to enjoy a change of pace,
 work, and be with friends, and she also spent some time in Alaska with Page. 
Claire leaving was really hard on Jane.
The inseparable CLANE had to break up for a time.
Since jetting off so fast (and we moved houses), 
we didn't celebrate her graduation.  
I've been promising her that once things settle down for our family, 
we'd have her graduation party.
Well, it finally happened, and only a year and a month late.
Except Jane WAS NOT happy that I made her put on her graduation gown (and hat!).
In fact, she was pretty mad at me.  I kept telling her that one day 
her kids and grandkids would want to see a photo of her in her cap and gown
from that time in 2021 when she graduated high school.
But that didn't make her feel better, she was still pretty bugged with me.
But Jane, you're SO CUTE!

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