Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Jane in the Milk Parlor

Today after school Claire and I dropped Jane off at a dairy
 farm that was tucked far off the main road, 
and down a tree-lined dirt driveway.  Jane hopped out of the car,
 her orange hair pulled up into a curly bun 
and her tall black rubber ranch boots on.
 Then she walked into the barn for her first-ever real job.
Her job description: herd the mama cows into the "milk parlor" 
to lube the utters and teats of the producing mama cow,
then place them in the milking machine for production.
Basically, she is a milkmaid.

A few weeks ago Jane called up the farmer and asked for a job.
I would have never done that at her age- especially that job.
But Jane loves farming and agriculture. Just last night she practiced
presenting her English argument paper to me on 
the environmental impacts in farming,
 proper cattle grazing, and land management.
Most kids her age (most people!) don't know or understand this, 
but Jane thrives learning about it (just like Christian).  
And I love watching her enjoy learning and understanding these topics.
Because Jane is stubborn (like Christian), she would argue that
certain school topics are stupid and worthless. She'll put up a fight
and protest the assignment, and in time it
took to complain about it, she could have finished it altogether.
That's my Jane!  I love Jane!
But ask Jane to study earth science, plants, farm animals, grazing grasses
or anything farming-related and she'll 
go all day explaining the whys and hows, and she'll do it
with an energy that will blow you away. (Just like Christian).
I'm so proud of her and her strong mind and body.
FYI: Hank is still here in The White House.
I call him "Secret Service" since he follows me everywhere I go,
and I mean EVERYWHERE I go.

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