Wednesday, March 11, 2020

If Ye Are Prepared Ye Shall Not Fear.

There is so much fear in the world with the Coronavirus.
Today the grocery store lines were long, and the shelves bare.
It's mayhem and it's scary.
Tonight around the dinner table we talked to The Nies about how the
devil uses fear as a weapon in the hearts of men 
because he knows it stops the work of God from progressing.
We talked about the scripture:
“If ye are prepared ye shall not fear”
We have been counselled by prophets and Church leaders to 
be prepared physically and spiritually.
I love this quote by Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley:
"I have faith that the Lord will bless us,
 and watch over us, and assist us if we walk in obedience 
to His light, His gospel, and His commandments. 
He is our Father and our God, and we are His children, 
and we must be in every way deserving of His love and concern."
This is what we are teaching to our children, 
and this is what we have faith and trust in...not man, or Costco. ;)
After dinner I found Lottie sitting with Nicholas on 
his motorcycle near the garage, and I remembered 
doing the same thing on my brother Matt's motorcycle when I was younger.
As a little girl, I always felt safe in the arms 
of siblings, parents, family, and neighbors.
How grateful I am that I had that idyllic childhood,
I never felt threatened or scared of life, and I can't help
but desire that for my children too.
And I know dinners around the table as a family each night won't stop
a disease from infecting our physical bodies, but
I do believe talking and counselling openly as a family
can spiritually protect us.
And it certainly helps anxiety levels too!

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