Thursday, March 12, 2020

Fear Not

This morning I was going through a few old photos 
and found this amazing one of my 
sister Lucy, and brothers Jesse and Andrew. 
 I'm the cheeser with the vest on. 
I had a thing for vests in 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grades.  
And possibly even my 9th-grade year too.
We were attending a groundbreaking ceremony for
a new church building in Provo.
But the thing that got me was the fact that 
Andrew, 16 looks EXACTLY like Oliver.  
It's like I'm sitting next to Ollie in a Back to the Future moment.

Lottie has been so worried about the Coronavirus. 
She came home from school tons of questions, and
every time we talk about it her little face turns white.
The fear is real in her little mind and heart.

Tonight before bed our family gathered around the living room for 
family prayer and scriptures, and also to decompress.
We talked about what we hear in the media, in school, what we read, 
President Trump's address, and the 
announcements the Church has made regarding this virus.
It's a lot to take in, but communication together
 has relived some worry and stress.

Then Chrisitan gave Lottie a Priesthood blessing 
for comfort and to help her sleep and he reminded her
to "fear not" that our future is bright, and God is in control.

After the blessing, we talked about the simple things she can do
to feel safe and smart with everything going on.
And then I reminded her that we have about a bazillion
 mini hand sanitizers, and
we'll probably never run out of those in the near future.
And then she fell right to sleep.

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