Monday, March 09, 2020

The weekend 1-4

1. The White House rejoices as we welcome the amazing
dog Hank back into our home.
I must have taken 100,000 photos of him this visit.  
He is the most amazing dog.
Jane accused me of favoring Hank over Angus like the 
Siamese cat and Lady from Lady and The Tramp.  
I disagree, although I admit I love how snuggly he is with me.

2. The boys go to the mountains to enjoy a (cold, windy) weekend together.

3. Claire stopped by the bakery after work to bring home four
mouthwatering delicious sweet rolls to share with the other Nies
when they got home from school.
I left the kitchen just long enough for ALL FOUR of 
those delectable ooey-gooey rolls to be ingested into Angus's stomach.
So, Jane whipped up about 4 dozen cinnamon rolls
of her own recipe, and The White House breathed a sigh of relief
and inhaled the same time. 

 I think our first week of March has been a success!

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