Tuesday, December 21, 2021

The Briar House Christmas Village Addition

While I was "sleeping" in the burn unit in Arizona, preparations were
being made to secure a home for our family in Provo, Utah.
A little white home on Briar Avenue in the tree streets where I grew up was
 bought and prepared for us when I was released from the hospital.
My parents, siblings, grandparents, cousins, and friends
 were all close by, along with loads of familiar neighbors.
As I got better, family, friends, and strangers volunteered to help 
fix up the Briar house for us to move in.
Even my 5th-grade teacher at Wasatch Elementary came to help
get the house ready and comfortable 
for my family in this new chapter of our lives.
The Briar house was a labor of love and service because
of all the hands that helped get me there.
In January of 2009, our family moved in.
We loved it!
It was a perfect size, with two fireplaces and a
 delicious peach tree in the backyard.
Mr. Nielson added a long tree swing in the Birch tree in the front yard,
and a fantastic tree house for the Little Nies in the backyard.
I brought Lottie home from the hospital to that house,
we lost Jimmy at that house, held parties and friend get-togethers there, too. 
We lived there until 2014 when we moved to Fox Hill just up the street.
This year I asked my talented friend, Courtney, to make a mini
Briar House to add to our Christmas village.
This has been one of our favorite wedding anniversary traditions
 for Christian and me.

This house was my healing house.
I came home there and found myself again.

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