Friday, December 24, 2021

Christmas Eve in the House on the 6th.

There are some days in my life that I'll never forget, and
this Christmas Eve will be one of those days.
First, having the Nies home all day for the past week has been a dream!  
I love it so much!
Staying up late watching movies, sleeping in, 
hanging around, playing games, 
and doing our own things- but altogether. 
 It's really been a dream.
On Christmas Eve morning, Jane and I woke up early and headed into
 Chapel Hill to take a Barre3 class from our cute friend, Hope.
Christian and the other Nies met us after class
 and together, we went on a hike.
The weather was chilly but delightful.  
I'd prefer mounds of snow on this day,
but we enjoyed a sunny hike together.
After, we had lunch, followed by Krispy Kreme AND Duck Donuts
for a treat.  A few of us prefer DD to KK (like me!).
We came home in the late afternoon, and Jane and 
I put our luminaries around our house
(which I named the house on the 6th since our backyard
is on the 6th hole of a golf course).
I have been putting our luminaries out on
 Christmas Eve since I was a little girl.
This is one of my favorite Christmas traditions.
(My cousin Sarah and I put up luminaries at my family
cabin in the Utah mountains).

We all showered and watched a movie (Encanto) then the
Nies opened their Christmas PJs, and I took the traditional
photo of them with their Norwegian trolls (for Umi!).
since he released a new video that included all of Utah's recent snow.
I must admit, it made me homesick for the snow and Utah.
For dinner, I whipped up a charcuterie board with bubblie to drink.
We grazed at the kitchen island all evening, eating yummy bread,
 cheeses, fruits, vegetables, and delicious dips, jams, and jellies. 
(I said that like Gru in my head).
Then we watched The Christ Child.
It was the perfect way to end this perfect day.
I am so thankful for my Savior, His birth, His life, and His redeeming love
for my family and me.  I am grateful for the peace that only He can give and
the light that He can only bring.
Merry Christmas!

What would Christmas Eve be without one of these photos?
(I took this at 3:30 am).

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