Sunday, December 19, 2021

Our Hyggebusker Dinner

We enjoyed a beautiful Sunday Christmas Sabbath day today.
I love church during Christmas!
I love the hymns we sing, the poinsettias at the pulpit, and the 
messages about baby Jesus.
Everything this time of year is pure magic.
There are so many dinners, events, and traditions this time of year,
 and I want to do them all! 
 Usually, we stay in our Sunday clothes for dinner 
but tonight we opted to 
 put on our favorite hyggebuksers instead.
During dinner, we talked about our favorite family Christmas traditions
 and I shared with the Nies some fantastic photos that my dad has been sending to
out to my siblings from his three-year church mission in Norway.
It makes me want to spend Christmas in Scandinavia.
In fact, that is a dream of mine and a goal Christian and I have set for 
our family one day.

It would be so nice to head back to the motherland and be apart of
what I try and recreate here in our home for Christmas.
(He's so cute!)

He also sent this fantastic photo of my mom a rocking chair
on Christmas morning in the '60s.
Merry Christmas!

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