Thursday, December 12, 2019

The White House Village Addition

Introducing: The White House
Christmas village style!
My talented dear friend Courtney recreated The White House
to add to our family Christmas village addition.
I've asked Courtney if she could recreate all the house 
(9 of them in five states!) that
we've lived in since Christian and I were married in 2000.
Last year she made a darling replica of the ranch barn in New Mexico.
She made us The White House this year and it's amazing!
The details blow my mind!
(I'm pretty sure Courtney sweats glitter).
These little homes are such a treasure, and one of my
favorite things about Christmas.
The Little Nies are already fighting over who gets them when I pass
on to the other side. What dear children I have!

Is it bad to say that I'm already looking forward 
to our addition next year!?

“Each member of Jesus’s earthly family—Mary, Joseph, 
and Jesus—stands as supernal examples of God’s Christmas gift to all mankind. … 
This family was unified in seeking God’s glory;
 unified in serving one another; unified in fulfilling God’s will; 
and unified in sacrifice, obedience, and love. 
This holy family provides us a pattern of attributes that, 
when emulated by our own families, will enable us to enjoy
 the same blessings of unity and love they enjoyed.”

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