Monday, May 18, 2020

The fish in my sink.

A few weeks ago I posted about Nicholas and Lottie
 kayaking in the pond near our home.
Today they decided to fish in the pond.
I was busy putting groceries away when they explained 
to me their desire to go fishing in the nearby pond.
I readily agreed mostly because it's the worst when 
I'm putting groceries away and kids are hovering around the
sacks picking out food to eat rather than helping me put it away.
So having them out of the kitchen sounded good to me.
They took the bucket bike and headed to the pond,
Lottie was holding tightly with one hand to the side of the bucket 
and the other hand holding two fishing poles while Gigs peddled.
About an hour later Nicholas and Lottie waltzed in the kitchen with 
a grocery sack full of water and fish.  Lottie yelled to me
as Nicholas dumped the sack of water and fish into my kitchen sink.
"Look, mom, I caught my first fish!" 
Sure enough, there were five small pond fish swimming around the sink.
(I hate the way fish smell).
I tried to be super excited so as not to hurt their feelings, but I had to ask
when they were going to take them back.
They hadn't thought that far. In fact, it sounded like
 they hadn't even thought of taking them back at all.
Lottie even said she was hoping I'd cook them up for dinner.
Yuck.  A million times yuck.
Finally, Mr. Nielson walked in from his office to check out the fish.
I was super grateful for his enthusiastic response to the kids and the fish
because it made them feel really special for catching them.
I could never give that to them- not even by pretending.
Mr. Nielson then explained to them that the fish needed
to go back to the pond where they would be able to breathe
better and be happier.

Nicholas plopped the fish back into a grocery sack filled with water
then put the sack around his neck and drove back to the pond
to release the fish.
I tried to photograph him driving off,
but I was laughing too hard.  
I love Gigs and his brilliant mind.
Two years ago my pinkie was amputated.
This morning Mr. Nielson said to me,
"Two years ago something happened today".
Then he held up nine fingers,
"And I'll give you NINE guesses!"
I couldn't think of what it could be.  
He kept saying "NINE guesses" over and over 
and even held up his hands with nine fingers showing.
It took me a few minutes, but eventually, I figured it out.
RIP Pink!

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