Monday, May 18, 2020

Home Church Week 9/ weekend review.

In addition to taking the sacrament this week in home church, 
we listened to a wonderful devotional online by our local church leaders.  
The messages promoted peace and faith over fear during
 this pandemic phase of life. 
 It was just what I needed to hear.
The boys had a wonderful time together
 in the mountains riding motorcycles and doing that kind of stuff.
They had so much fun, in fact, that we planned a family camping 
trip in June so we can all enjoy the fresh mountain air and the
 "Hygge-mobile," aka the truck-covered wagon.

Us gals had loads of fun. 
 I wallpapered the stairs, we ate out, and Target was involved.
We also played a game that Lottie had designed, and for 
about 25 minutes, we basically made up steps and rules
while Lottie oversaw it all.
There were some good laughs, and at one point
Claire had to give Jane a kiss on the cheek.
Then we decided to take
 Angus out on a midnight walk around the neighborhood.
The four of us walked around the block in our PJs in the dark 
under the bright stars.
We came home and collapsed in my bed...all four of us.
I didn't sleep very well, but knowing that all my 
girls were with me was soo worth it!
In the morning, we worked in the garden together, planting more seeds since
 Peter Cottontail ate our crop of carrot tops and beets.  
I asked the boys to reinforce the garden fence
 with chicken wire earlier last week so little critters can't get in.
To finish our day before the boys returned, Jane and I strung white lights under
 the "fairy tree" in the front yard, and it looks pretty magical.
The boys came home with stories to tell, 
pictures to share, and dirty clothes.

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