Friday, May 15, 2020


This weekend the boys are headed out on a campout to commemorate 
the Restoration of the Priesthood on May 15th, 1829.
Mr. Nielson really wants this weekend to be special for
 our boys as they celebrate the importance of God's power
 restored on the earth today, and their responsibilities
and duties as holders of this sacred Priesthood.
They are camping somewhere in the North Carolina mountains with
fishing poles, tinfoil meals, and motorcycles.
They also designed and constructed a covered wagon with PVC pipe,
and a camo tarp that is fitted perfectly to Mr. Nielson's truck. 
As for us gals (and Angus), we have our weekend filled
 and wallpaper is involved.
This special Priesthood commemoration isn't only 
celebrated by the men and boys, it is just as important
to the women because we are equally blessed and 
supported by the Priesthood- which is the power
to act in God's name, and how grateful I am!
And I love that my boys celebrate and honor this day together.
"We are not accustomed to speaking of women having
 the authority of the priesthood in their Church callings, 
but what other authority can it be?"

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