Thursday, May 14, 2020

Big Girl Things.

Jane will officially have her driver's license at the end of June 
IF she can finish the required 60 hours (10 at night) of driving.
We're almost there (kind of).

Jane hates driving, which is so unlike the teenagers I've known.  
Today we decided to spend two hours driving together.
We drove around the neighborhood, around town,
and in and out and around our county lines.
We talked and listened to music while commenting on the darling farmhouses,
old sunken barns and the white picket fences that lined properties.

It was so nice being just with her (well, technically, Lottie was
in the backseat, but she was asleep, so it felt like just the two of us).
She logged some good time too!
We got home around 6:30, and I really, really didn't feel like cooking
so I called Claire and Ollie, who were out door-dashing
and I asked them to bring home dinner for us.
I love it when days work out.
Then I found this photo of the girls and me fifteen years ago 
when we lived in New Jersey.
I can't believe these two little girls are all grown up
driving and graduating and doing big girl things.
  Where is the time going??

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