Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Work together for your good.

The full-time missionaries in our area asked Christian and
me to make a short video for the mission Facebook page
 and share our testimonies
of Jesus Christ, and how we have come to know
 and trust Him particularly in our trials.

 I’ve always known that I was a daughter of a loving and powerful God.
 I was prepared at a young age to follow Him no matter what that looked like.
 I promised that I would go wherever He led me no matter how hard it was,
and there were (and still are!) plenty of times when I ask
 why sometimes it has to be this hard.
But because of my faith in Jesus Christ, and because 
He loves and believes in me, He has taken my life and refined and molded it. 
He has allowed me to be beautified and cleansed in His light so
 I can continue to thrive in my role as a woman,
 wife, mother, friend, and minister.
I have learned to trust in His timing and purposes
because I see that it always works out!  Maybe not right away,
but it always does, and that knowledge brings me sustained peace and immense joy.
“Search diligently, pray always, 
and be believing, and all things shall work together for your good.”

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