Tuesday, May 12, 2020

If You Need Me

My days begin early in the morning before everyone is up.
I do the essentials first: pray and study the scriptures.
Then I log onto the computer and do a Barre3 
class in my office turned Barre studio.  
This reminds me of how lucky I happened to be to have stumbled over
 TWO containers of Lysol wipes at the grocery store.  
(It's the best way to wipe down my mat, ball, and weights.)
I usually throw in a load of laundry, unload the dishwasher, 
feed Angus, and then I hear the Nies getting up for the day.
Our family rule is everyone has to be ready for the day by 9:00
when we have morning prayers and begin school.
If they don't make it down in time their phones are gonzo for the day.
If I'm lucky I can get everything done AND a shower before the Nies
wake up, but that doesn't happen as much as I wish it would.
Today after breakfast I gave Lottie a few school instructions to work on
while I jumped in the shower real quick.
To my surprise and delight, she had finished everything on her 
"to-do" list, PLUS took her book and went outside by 
the lettuce garden and on her rock to read.
I was shocked.
Somedays home school is such a joy and very successful, 
and other days it's the worst.
I'm grateful we started our week off on a good note,
and I was able to shower before 3:00.

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