Monday, May 11, 2020

Home Church Week 8/ Mother's Day

Yesterday we celebrated Mother's Day.
During home church, Mr. Nielson shared a beautiful Mother's Day video
with us as we gathered in the living room and I cried, I was so touched.
We also watched a wonderfully inspiring video by Elder Christopherson
about the moral force of women.  I especially loved when he said this:
Women bring with them into the world a certain virtue, 
a divine gift that makes them adept at instilling 
such qualities as faith, courage, empathy, 
and refinement in relationships and in cultures.
Then the best part was when the Nies stood up and sang me a 
special Mother's Day song and I cried again.
Other highlights:
-I was served breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
-When I woke up Lottie and Ollie had taped up sweet notes on my door.
-I didn't clean one dish or make anything.
-The Nies and Mr. Nielson put on a fantastic dinner
and tribute for me. (Ollie does everything with his football helmet on).

-Jane's rolls!!
-DELICIOUS fresh winter honeysuckle picked and spread on the table.

-Lottie's Mother's Day puppet show
-Claire makes cookies 
I had a wonderful day!  I was spoiled with so much love
and service.  I am so thankful for my family,
and the beautiful sacred opportunity to be a mother and homemaker.
* * * * *
I love you, Mom!!  
Thank you for being MY MOM! (And OUR Umi!)
I love this photo of me, you, and Claire!
The doorbell had just rung, Claire's date was here for Prom! 
We were both hysterical!  Remember that?!
It was a good day and a memory that I will never forget!
(This quote reminded me of you!)
 “There is an art to being a homemaker. 
For ourselves and for our families, it is important
 that we have a sanctuary—a place of refuge away
 from the world where we feel comfortable
 and where, if others come, they, too, can feel comfortable.”
-Barbara W. Winder, 11th Relief Society general president

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