Friday, May 08, 2020

Mutually Understood

Last night Christian and I lay in our bed with the windows
 open remembering when we first met each other.
 I thank God every day that I found Christian and 
for all our moments together, our memories, the good times
and even our hardships.
Often our best talks are late at night, cuddled up in our
bed talking and laughing.
I don't know what I would do (especially in these crazy days)
if I didn't have Christian to decompress to after the house is quiet
and everyone asleep and accounted for.
I love this counsel from our prophet, Russell M. Nelson
because this is what Christian and I strive for in our marriage:

"Good communication includes taking time to plan together. 
Couples need private time to observe, to talk, and really listen to each other. 
They need to cooperate—helping each other as equal partners. 
They need to nurture their spiritual as well as physical intimacy. 
They should strive to elevate and motivate each other. 
Marital unity is sustained when goals are mutually understood. 
Good communication is also enhanced by prayer. 
To pray with specific mention of a spouse's 
good deed (or need) nurtures a marriage."

Spiritual Enlightenment: Nurturing Marriage

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