Thursday, May 07, 2020

Biscuits and Covenants

Tonight as I was making dinner I reflected on some beautiful
words that the amazing Patricia Holland wrote,
and it's been rattling around in my head all day long.
(If only I could write and convey 
my feelings in words as Pat does!  She's perfect!)

"I believe that every one of us has a specific mission to fulfill on this earth. 
 I believe that we made sacred promises in premortal councils 
regarding our building the kingdom of God on earth. 
 In turn, we were promised the gifts and powers necessary to
 fulfill those vert special tasks. 
 It seems clear, then, that our greatest task 
is to live worthily enough to know 
step by step what the Lord's will regarding us,
 remembering that occasionally what we may want to do today
 because of the trends and vanities of the world may
 not be what we covenanted to do long ago."

I believe my specific mission on this earth at this time is to be a mother
and homemaker.  I believe I am fulfilling my mission right now- tonight even
as I whip up cheddar biscuits for dinner,
read one last storybook before bed, pick up candy wrappers under the couch,
and fill Angus's bowl with dog food.
 (Even though I already asked my boys to do it 100 times ago).

"Each of us has a purpose.  
And for each of us, that purpose is different;
it is distinct; it is divine."

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