Wednesday, May 06, 2020


This photo is saying much more than you see.
Angus is laying right on top of the vent
because he's HOT! 
Alert: the heat is coming!
Soon enough the humidity will sneak in, and the
fireflies will be dancing in the front yard.

Christian and I had planned on taking Claire out to a nice
 dinner to celebrate her graduating from high school.
 Since I'm not sure if restaurants will be open in June
 I've been planning a family dinner/party to honor her.
Claire had planned on going abroad this summer to study world history in Europe. 
That has obviously been canceled, and she is so disappointed.
She has other options this summer/fall but hasn't decided yet for sure.

Life is unpredictable right now, but
I'm so grateful she's still under my roof.
She plays ponies with Lottie on the front lawn,
sits with Jane on the front porch to read,
 and takes Ollie and Gigs to the gas station to buy sour gummies.
Christian and I hope that there is a boy out there somewhere who is
preparing for life, marriage, and family just as much as she is right now.
She deserves the VERY best.

Me and Claire in the same dress 2007 & 2019

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