Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Bedtime Routine.

Because it's pre-hurricane season here in North Carolina,
 we've been having some fantastic rainy weather,
and I couldn't be happier about it.
(About the rainy weather, not the hurricanes!)
Each night before bed I turn my mattress heater up to high
 while I complete my bedtime routine.
After I'm in bed, I turn the temperature down to the lowest setting
so I will stay warm all night long- but not sweating like a pig.
Then I turn on the thunderstorm sleep sound 
on my Calm app which plays for exactly 45 minutes.
It's a lovely mix of pouring rain and loud claps of thunder.
It sends me right off to dreamland (Mr. Nielson likes it too!)
Except for last night, I didn't need to play it because I just opened my 
windows wide and enjoyed the real thing.

I'm real glad I wrote this post because I'm pretty sure at some point
 my great-great-granddaughter will want to know my bedtime routine. ;)

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