Thursday, May 21, 2020

The Cub

Angus hasn't had a haircut for nearly three months,
 and it feels like we are living with a tiny bear cub.
(Our local groomers will open post-COVID officially on the 29th!!)
So today, when the boys jumped on their motorcycles in the pouring rain
with Angus running next to the tires headed to the nearby field,
I felt overwhelmed because I knew what that would mean.
Angus would be a dirty mess.
Bathing Angus is hard work. Hard, SUPER messy work.
I looked at Mr. Nielson and asked him to take me away for a bit, 
hoping while we were gone, the boys would come back
and bathe Angus...the chances were 50/50.

To my surprise, the boys came home, bathed Angus, and wiped everything
down, put the dirty wet clothes in the mudroom sink,
and to top it all off, Gigs even wrote me a sweet note.

"To Mom
thank you for cleaning the house and making
dinner for us. Thank you for doing my laundry every day."

Somedays, I really feel triumphant!

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