Thursday, May 21, 2020

The Cub

Angus hasn't had a haircut for nearly three months now
 and it feels like we are living with a small bear cub.
(Our local groomers will open officially on the 29th!!)
So today when the boys jumped on their motorcycles in the pouring rain
with Angus running next to the tires headed to the nearby field,
I felt overwhelmed.
Bathing Angus is hard work.  Hard SUPER messy work.
So I gathered up several heavy towels 
and plopped them near the tub then grabbed 
Mr. Nielson and left the premises.  

To my surprise, the boys came home, bathed Angus, wiped everything
down, put the dirty wet clothes in the mudroom sink,
AND to top it all off Gigs even wrote me a sweet note.

"To: Mom
thank you for cleaning the house and making
dinner for us.  thank you for doing my laundry every day."

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