Friday, May 22, 2020


Last night we were talking about what are we most excited about
when the quarantine lifts and life gets back to normal, (or semi-normal).
We all agreed that we are most excited for 
the doggy salons to open and for Angus to get his haircut!
Also mentioned was:
 the library
our Barre3 studio
and, our favorite breakfast joint in Chapel Hill.

I came across this photo 2 years ago, and I love it so much.
I wish I could freeze the Nies.
I feel like SO much change is happening in our family, 
and I'm not exactly ready for it.
But, ready or not, here it comes.

Spiritual Enlightenment: Personal Revelation is Essential 
 “I am hoping we have all learned about being self-reliant
 and taking responsibility for our own faith 
and our own spiritual progress.”

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