Monday, March 18, 2019

St. Patrick's Day 2019

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
We did our best to represent our Irish heritage,
 and we wore our green to church today.
Growing up, I always thought I was Irish; it turns out I'm actually more Scottish, 
but we love celebrating this holiday.  
You know me, I love celebrating anything I can.

Our Irish Feast included:
Hot butter cabbage
Baked small potatoes with garlic and carrots
Green salad
Green jello (of course) with lime cream
And I made two hearty loaves of Irish soda bread.
And we sipped on delicious cold apple cider.

As the years go by, some things never change on our
 traditional St. Patrick's Day table; like the chocolate gold coins, 
sprinkles in the shape of a rainbow (with marshmallows as clouds).  

This year Lottie created a new tradition.  
She drew a little leprechaun and taped him under one of the dining chairs.  
Whoever found him got to fill their plate up with food first,
(and they get to say the blessing on the food too).
This year Mr. Nielson was the lucky winner.

It was a cute idea, and as I type this, I'm stressing
 out a bit because I don't know where that little paper leprechaun is. 
 I hope I didn't throw him away while cleaning up.  
Lottie would be heartbroken.

Thanks to my Little Nies, who humor me and
wear the silly props I buy to wear for our feasts.
The boys looked pretty impressive in their suspenders.

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