Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Special Witnesses

After church on Sunday and before our St. Patrick's Day feast, 
we sat down as a family to discuss and finish the weeks lesson
 in the Come Follow Me manual.
Early last week we talked about the
 I asked each Little Nie to pick an Apostle or member of the
 First Presidency to study and learn about throughout the week.
In fact, I told them that before they went on the phone, or
 computer, or TV they had to do a little research on who they picked.
So on Sunday after church we all sat down and and listened to each other
"present".  It was fun to hear and observe what 
each child had prepared (with pictures too!). 

Mr. Nielson: Oaks
I picked: Cook
Claire picked: Ballard
Jane picked: Stevenson
Oliver picked: Rasband
Nicholas picked: Uchtdorf
and Lottie chose President Nelson

I am so grateful for these special witnesses; for their lives, their families, 
their occupations, spiritual experiences, 
and of course their powerful testimonies.
I hope this little exercise will help my children have a more personal 
relationship with the men who have sacrificed their time
to minister as the Savior did.
(Look how darling Harriet Uchtdorf's dress is!)

I've been pretty lucky to have had personal encounters with
some of these wonderful men.
(President Nelson spoke at my Papa's funeral).
Elder Holland holding Lottie.

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